2x Transforming Dinosaur Car With LED Lights & Music

£39.95 £79.95

Introducing one of our most popular products at MommysMagicCo brand! Meet our Transforming Car Dinosaur Toy!

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas present for the little ones and a way to keep them entertained for hours? Look no further than this amazing little car toy!

Why is it cool? See our cool quick features below!

- Automatically Drives & Transforms

- Automatically Changes Direction When Hitting Any Obstables

- Makes Fun Dinosaur Sounds! RAWRRRR!

- Fun LED Light Shows In The Dark!

- Perfect Kids Gift Idea!

- Suitable For Ages 3+
- AA Batteries Not Included

Transforming Dinosaur Car is the best gift idea for your child to surprise him with the transforming feature from Dinosaur to a Car! It even drives itself!

Its colorful Led lights make it astonishing to see especially when it transforms into a Dinosaur. Give it a show in a dark room and it will give a trip of Jurassic World in a fun way!