Here's How To Use Magic Pens!

The last thing we want is a no-instructions product and we want to create the best experience to our valued customers. So I decided to write this tutorial on how to use your product.

How Does It Work?

Draw on the BACK of the Magic Spoon (not front) and slowly transfer your drawings to the plated water. 

Please draw lightly on the back of the spoon and advice your little ones not to draw too hard on the spoon as it might harden, so draw lighly to allow transfer easily to the plated water. 

Once you have drawn pictures on the Magic Spoon (lightly), slowly transfer the back of the spoons drawing to the plated water and slowly make the transfer happen. Voila! Have fun is the next step!

We thank you once again for your purchase and we look forward to serving you soon! 

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Emily, CEO
Mommys Magic Co